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Between the lines-

j.m. negi

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  • Naturally Yours
    Advertisements ( Written for W3 Prompt #83: Wea’ve Written Weekly ) Unseen Never met Unheard either before. Words Said – unsaid Meaning taken lovingly. Feelings Soft sprout Despite stern restraints. Logical Mind suppresses Soft heart’s resistivity. Story Ends before It could start. True It was Never to subside. Comes Back even Stronger than ever. LoveContinue reading “Naturally Yours”
  • Aspiringly Yours
    Advertisements ( Written for What do you see # 214, November 27, 2023 ) How I aspire and strongly desire, to come out of the world so dire. thinking of constraints, ostensive restraints, My ship needs that light from spire. What do you see # 214, November 27, 2023 Good evening and till later…. Guidelines-  WhatContinue reading “Aspiringly Yours”
  • Distinctly Yours
    Advertisements ( written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Nightlife)  sanity differs life’s night or nightlife, amused!! can’t be fate alone… Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Nightlife Good evening and till later…. Guidelines- Moonwashed Weekly Prompt, Poetry Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Nightlife pulsating dazzle aglow is city nightlife games played til sunrise Welcome to Moonwashed Musings Your WeeklyContinue reading “Distinctly Yours”
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