Between the lines- j.m.negi


Between the lines-

j.m. negi

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  • Majestically Yours
    Advertisements             (Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #145)         Your majestic heart,     Like a fairy tale dingle,        Dwells a heaven. Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #145 – 5/30/23 – Dingle Good evening and see you next time.
  • Brightly Yours
    Advertisements I am quoting beautifully meaningful lines of a hit Bollywood movie song but, the funniest part is that I found it being played in a marriage reception party recently. Please read the lines and comment as to why the song was being played there. The lines are- One darkness A million stars, if youContinue reading “Brightly Yours”
  • Excusably Yours
    Advertisements   Why tore my fragile heart,   Stitch or give yours ‘in-barter’.   With hand folded humble ‘excuse-request’ to all the young ( even others 😊) eligible ones who are recently infatuated that I have no intention of stealing these words of their copy right. In response to Weekend Writing Prompt- 313- Stitch, hosted byContinue reading “Excusably Yours”
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