Admirably Yours

( written for W3 Prompt #67: Wea’ve Written Weekly, posted on August 9, 2023 )

This was a very interesting and cakewalk kind of  prompt for the simple reason that I have generally been trying my best to write all nonsense craps anyway😊, so really, it didn’t require an extra preparation. But, writing a nonsense poem knowingly was the only apprehension. Still, here it goes with a request that pl ignore the sense in it, if  you find one after all

A lad went to a gal with a proposition,

Said,” marrying you is my life’s mission,

Pl accept this, its my humble submission,

Allow me and please pass my application”.

She said, well I’m in management profession

By the way, what is your qualification”,

Boy proudly said, I’m a dropout before matriculation,

My dad’s Emirifico is my sole justification,

She glared, smiled and patted on his cheek with admiration,

Boy! will discuss with your dad for further plan and notification.

Note- ‘Emirifico’ is the word I dared coining meaning the status of an Emir or Ameer i.e. an affluent person in higher echelons. 

W3 Prompt #67: Wea’ve Written Weekly

Good evening and see you next time. 

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23 thoughts on “Admirably Yours

  1. Great fun! Emirifico is a most splendid word. I congratulate you on your matriculation! Very limerickable rhythmions. Enjoyed you load of nonsense sense very much.💕 Thank you J. M.

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