Obscurely Yours






Written for #Whatdoyousee 189 5/6/2023 Or #WDYS


Obscure palm lines whine,

Waters from eyes or heaven!

They came, nonetheless.


What do you see # 189- June 5, 2023

Good afternoon and see you next time.

Published by J M Negi

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12 thoughts on “Obscurely Yours

    1. Since palm lines metaphor luck, there are many shers and songs with those words for woes/distress/ agony. I would love to hear abt the one very specific. Thanks anyway.

      1. does not necessarily match your thoughts. just one that I’ve always favored and haven’t thought of in a while. your poem reminded me of it. 🤍

        Hathon ki lakeeron pe mat ja Ghalib, naseeb unke bhi hote hain jin ke haath nahi hote…


      2. This is an iconic one, and there are many like this one-
        Kabhi main apne hathon ki
        Lakeeron se nahi uljha
        Mujhe maloom hai kismat ka
        Likha bhi badalta hai. Basheer Badr….
        Many hind movie songs also.
        Thanks yet again.

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