Eternally Yours

(Written for : David’s W3 Prompt #55: Wea’ve Written Weekly)


Tangled thoughts, how and when to embrace,

Restless mind, sporadic concerns, we chase,

Our desires, shared or left astray,

 Uncertain if they’ll bloom or simply decay,

Bursting with life, still we seldom dare to believe,

Leaving behind doubts, we yet choose,

Eternal journey this is; lonely we go……


Punam’s prompt guidelines-
Write an acrostic poem on any one of the following words:

I chose to pick the word “Trouble”

Good evening and see you next time.

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23 thoughts on “Eternally Yours

  1. J. M. ~ WOW ~ that last line in particular is such a gut punch:

    Eternal journey this is; lonely we go……

    An excellent poem.
    Much love,

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