Purposefully Yours

Wrinkles hold tales of a life not so well-lived, no regret,

Grey hair a treasure of love to still give, memory etched,

Her shoulders carry the weight of responsibility,

Of a life spent serving, with unwavering ability.

Carries all responsibility with enviable grace,

Buckets and bag carry hard destiny’s race.

And in her bag, all her worries and fears,

But also her hopes, her dreams, and her cheers.

Her weary steps may falter and sway,

But her spirit remains unbreakable in every way,

For she’s seen the world in all its hues,

And knows that life is what you have to choose.

With hope in her stride, she knows the way,

God by her side, guiding her every day.

Her stride, a reflection of the hope within,

Of a life lived with purpose, a victory to win,

Her spirit unbreakable, a lesson to learn,

A life lived with purpose, at every turn.

So let us honor this wise old dame,

And remember that age is not a shame,

For in her wrinkles and her gray hair,

Lies an ideal beauty beyond one’s compare.


Written for : Sadje’s What do you see # 184- International Labour Day

What do you see # 184- International Labour Day



Published by J M Negi

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