Greedily Yours


My heart aches with envy and desire,

Consumed by greed that never tires,

I’m like a bird in a gilded cage,

Yearning for more in a never-ending rage.

I hold a golden egg, but it’s not enough,

I want a golden hen to lay with golden stuff,

To have what others have, and even more,

To satisfy my hunger, to even the score.

Oh, to be content with what I have,

To be grateful and not crave,

How to find joy in the simple things and be brave,

And let go of this golden egg,

and nest that I so tightly save.

But will my envy ever cease,

Will my desire for more ever decrease,

Or will I always crave the golden fleece,

And be forever caught in this cycle of increase?

Oh, to break free from this prison of need,

To find contentment, to plant a seed,

Of love and kindness, of a life that’s freed,

From the golden egg and the endless greed.

Help me Lord! Thou shall be kind…

Good afternoon and see you next time.

Written for : Reena’s Xploration Challenge #275

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #275

Published by J M Negi

No experience only flair

27 thoughts on “Greedily Yours

  1. kittysverses – Writing is my passion and expressing things concisely,poetry appeals to me. Here's putting forth my collection for you to enjoy.
    kittysverses says:

    Nice one. 🙂

  2. vermavkv – India – I am Vijay Kumar Verma, residing in Kolkata, the city of joy. I was a Banker since December 1985 and retired in April 2017 from State Bank of India. After serving the Bank for 32 years as an officer holding different assignments from time to time, now I am currently enjoying the retired life. I would like to fulfil the duty of social service through this platform spreading aware about the health related problems and their remedies. I will also try to entertain my followers through knowledgeable information and motivate them to enjoy better and quality lifestyle. It is my endeavour to keep the post friendly and as informative as I can. I am willing to connect with my friends and followers, through my stories and drawings out of my passion to write and make sketches. I would like to create a trusted and joyful friend circle, and share tales from the past
    vermavkv says:

    Very nice

  3. So beautiful poem written and nicely read the lines, how much strange wishes inside an Author’s
    mind , all you dear friend so nicely expressed 👌👏😊 grace wishes 🌹🙏♥️🌹

  4. Aboli Mane – Poet. Writer. Blogger. I post short reads, and poetry on A Writer In The Room. I published my debut poetry book "An Aster's Solitude" in 2019. Currently: Keeping this blog afloat. I write flash fiction and poetry on various writing prompts.
    Aboli Mane says:

    Love the message, J! It reminds me of a story where the fourth jar of gold never gets filled, no matter how much gold they put into it, it always remains half empty 😄

  5. santable – I am of the opinion to explore the nature and life, in changing world together with the views of common individual, who can contribute a little or more either based on experience or by exploratory attitude and not controlled by the established thoughts of different types of schools. My views in blog will always need extension in simple way. Every individual is always welcome.
    santable says:

    Very nice

  6. KK – Kaushal Kishore (KK) is an MBA, MA, and CAIIB with over 35 years of experience in the Banking sector. He has led many technical and commercial teams in delivering project management solutions. He played a key role in the merger of State Bank of Indore and all other Associate Banks, Bharatiya Mahila Bank, and SBICI with SBI. From a solution perspective, Kaushal focuses on best practices and has worked towards risk identification and mitigation, processes, and control improvements. The functions covered by him include wholesale and retail lending, treasury operations, trade finance, cash management services, custody operations, etc. He has also played a key role in merchant acquiring business. Why One More Blog??? This world is full of ideas, ideals, thoughts, stories, anecdotes, and so on, As a tiny creature of this vast universe, I too have, Some unique, Some similar to others, And some probably inspired by my elders, Some sweet, some bitter, Sometimes spicy too, Some close to heart, Some closer to mind, Sharing of the same, May be of some value to others, Most of the targeted audience however, May not possibly come across, But I have to bring the same in black and white, No, no, it’s not कीड़ा Wriggling to come out of me, Neither literary diarrhoea nor mental indigestion, It’s rather my responsibility to share my experiences, What I have received from this great society, What I have felt about it, And how I was dealt with, Will attempt to download what has been uploaded throughout the life, Before, yes before… my memory may start fading away, Before L of YOLO (You Only Live Once) comes to an end, Else, the whole thing will go away, Unsaid, unlettered, unsung…sheer waste, Let others get some ideas, To make their L a bit better, It’s up to them, Let me do my part…
    KK says:

    A lovely write indeed!

  7. surinder kaur – my name is surinder kaur . i write poetry in hindi language as well as in punjabi also. VIRAH KE RANG is my first book .my poetry is also published in many newspapers .
    surinder kaur says:

    Well said

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