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         You do not really get to realize that you are aging unless a fine morning, not your better half but your daughter who until now was thought to be a kiddy, admonishes you for not having gone for a morning walk. This is particularly true for all artists and more so for writers, I guess. We tend to write on hypothetical permutations, emotional culminations, ideal conditions, or extreme complicated issues which have got nothing to do with “normal sweet life’ which goes on at its pace be what may. This is exactly what happened to me this Sunday.

      I have carried over all the traditional wisdom & knowledge and undisturbed routine thereto of taking it a little easy on Sundays like many other fellow Indians. Owing to 3 days off from office in a row and no imminent spine-chilling policy level meetings scheduled for the coming weekdays, I took all the liberty of being the only boss in the only place that I can be, home, and forayed onto the heavy breakfast. But to my utter dismay, my daughter just in adolescence who I always thought was a nicely pampered child of mine, took that away and asked me to exercise first, since walk time was anyway over.  When I retorted, her answer left me bewildered as never, and she said, “so next time onwards, please do not preach me for any such thing like playing outdoor games in lieu of indoor games or exercising”.

      You know what is this called as- a perfect and absolutely Indian style of saying Papa, Don’t preach” with the only difference that someone more beautiful and outspoken than Madonna has said it. You won’t mind this Madonna Mam, Please don’t.

Good evening and see you next time.

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10 thoughts on “Daughterly Yours

  1. Sushmita Sahay – Expressed words carry a world of meaning in them. I love to read, write and speak. Sharing my random musings here is a pleasure 😊
    Sushmita Sahay says:

    Daughters are and always will be, their dad’s best guardians 💕 hope you are exercising and keeping a watch on your diet JM … cute post indeed!

  2. santable – I am of the opinion to explore the nature and life, in changing world together with the views of common individual, who can contribute a little or more either based on experience or by exploratory attitude and not controlled by the established thoughts of different types of schools. My views in blog will always need extension in simple way. Every individual is always welcome.
    santable says:

    Very true

  3. surinder kaur – my name is surinder kaur . i write poetry in hindi language as well as in punjabi also. VIRAH KE RANG is my first book .my poetry is also published in many newspapers .
    surinder kaur says:


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