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Au Revoir Haldwani

Au Revoir Haldwani, a place which

Saw my kids grow into a boy & a girl

Saw my father leaving for eternity

Saw my black curls turn grey

Saw my anger getting mellowed considerably

Saw me come in thirties and push me in forties

Saw my better half turn pretty to pretty cum responsible

Saw me believe that bitter sometime may well be better

Saw me understand what one sees is how they are and

Not necessarily what they are

Saw me understand that nothing is more fragile than time

Saw me know not everything that glitters is indeed gold

Saw me understand why humans behave differently to

Old memories and to old dimes

Saw me firmly believe that all humans are from the same race

Saw me fully know up to my fingertips that

Even if no one is with you,

HE up there is always with u

Saw me understand that there may be

Some blessing in disguise for everyone

Saw me prove wrong that u can change your basic elements,

You might sharpen, modify or control them to act as u desire but,

just can’t change them altogether

And yes,

Saw me really know that its only one life, man!

Published by J M Negi

No experience only flair

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